A- In English or Arabic?
I- Do you want to do It in Arabic first?
A- What do you want?
I- I mean in Arabic...I don't... I can't write, you can tell me but I don't understand all (laughs)
A- If you want...okay... in English.
I- Okey.
A- I am Abdulsalam from Syria, I came here because my country is in Aleppo, because the war in there, so many wars in there. Everything is destroyed and they wanted me to join the...
M-For a better future.
A- Yeah, to join the army to kill people. I came to here. I am living here about 3 years ago. My old is 25. I was studying in Aleppo Chemistry but I cannot finish it because of the war it’s begun. Here I worked in a lot of things. For the car store, cleaning houses...
M- In the street.
A- Yeah, in the street. I have been working in the street for the... like I sold to the people like hot dogs or this (show me a churro) and also I have been working in ... everything.
I- Yeah.
A- Now I am working in a restaurant in a (speaks in Arabic asking traduction for the word).
M- What is the name of a man who catches the money in a restaurant?
A- Like my work. In English. Is it casher?
I- Oh yeah yeah the cash boy. Who manages the money?
M- He catches the money for the restaurant.
A- Yeah. I am working now as a cash boy. But here life is so hard because I am working about 12...
I- 12 hours.
A- Yes. 12 hours.
I- Yeah I know that.
(I and A laughs)
A- And I don't (...) (whispers in Arabic) a lot of money.
I- Yeah, You don't have a lot of money.
A- Yeah, not a lot, a lot of money. You know...
I- I know a lot of things (I went to his restaurant 2 hours per day for 60 days)
A- You know life here is so hard. And you see... life is so hard, not just for me, for us. And I don't see my family for 3 years ago. My mother, brother and father. I have been here alone. Me and my friend Mohammed.
I- Yeah, you can talk if you want.
A- I am not happy here. I am not happy. Because here is so hard, like you are living in the fire. The people here are not lovely and is not friendly. You see this!
I- Yes, Yes yes. I know all those things.
A- You know what is in my heart.
I- This is just... I mean, I know all these things because we spoke a lot but just to make it clearer.
A- Here, I think about everything. How about how can we go to Europe? But I can't because it is so hard. The border is closed... everything is closed. For me and us, Syrian people. I am here...not my dream. Here is not my dream. You know what I am thinking about in my mind. I want to complete my studies and have good work for less (job) time and more money. I speak English, Turkish and Arabic. You know. Just me.
If you want to ask me some questions.
I- Do you have two brothers?
A- Yes, I have two brothers.
I- One is studying Teleco and the other Economy?
A- Yeah, Yeah.
I- And your mother...
A- My mother is a teacher of kids in Syria. And my father now it is not working because of the war. You know. I miss them a lot. I so so miss them. Because I am outside for about three years and I don't see them.
I- You cannot go.
A- I can't go to Syria.
M- Unfeasible. It is unfeasible.
I-Why... I don't' know why the Syrian people here don't' come again to Syria. I mean, It still the war?
M- Yeah.
I- Because for our country there is not any news about the war. It is like the war just disappear.
A- We will tell you now. We can't go from Turkey to Syria because first for the war, second because we don't have any passport or any paper like Visa. We don't have anything about this. Passport? We don't have any passport. Government? We don't have any paper from the government. We don't have anything. If I want to go to Europe, I can't. If I want to go to another country, I can't. If I want to go to Syria, I can't. I am here in a small prison. You know.
I- Yes, other people from Syria told me this.
A- Every time I am thinking how about to go from the hell and ... go to a good life, for me and my family and my future.
I- But your family is okay?
A- Yeah, yeah.
I- It is safe?
A- Safer than me.
I- It is a difficult topic because cannot come to your country but your family is safe. And you are here without papers, without anything here so you have more problems than your family in the middle of a war. It is a difficult topic to...
A- Yeah, It is a big problem. It is a big problem. Every time I am thinking about how to go to Europe because in Europe I will have a life better than here. I will complete my studies in Europe. If I complete my studies in Europe I will have good work for good money for a little time off work. Twelve thirteen hours is crazy.
I- In my country it is forbidden.
A- Yeah, Is it about eight?
I- Yes, more is illegal.
A- And you know. You see me. I am smart, we are smart.
I - Yes, in general, all the Syrian population
A- We don't have a chance. We don't' have a chance. Because now every country in the world didn't love us. Because we are Syrian people.
I- Syrian people is equal to problems.
A-Just like this. For us is so problematic. Why we are here, in Turkey. Why Turkey is not open to us. It is not a problem and Europe don't want Syrian people. Turkey doesn't want Syrian people. Egypt doesn't want Syrian people. Everywhere in the world don't want Syrian people. Why? I don't know why.
I- "They don't know why".
A- If you want, to ask one person in the street: Why do you not like Syrian people? I don't know. They said I don't know. Why...?
M- They take jobs from us. They take jobs from us. They take jobs from us. They love that.
A- And the Turkish people, if you want to ask. Why you don't love the Syrian people? Because they have a job and we don't have it. Because they are an organization the government give money to them. But all is a lie. We don't take anything from the government, you know. Why I am working for around twelve hours if the government give me money. Why? I will stay at home and the government give me the money. Everything is a lie. It is not the truth. And you see that?
I- Yes.
A- This is my problem.
I- I am here only one and a half month and I saw it. Imagine if all the people...
A- You are Spanish. You are a Europe man. How many times you had problems here.
I- Zero problems, no problems. With Syrian people, zero.
A- No, no, no, for papers, for a passport for your SIM card
I- Oh, a lot! In Turkey a lot.
A- Yeah yeah, yeah I mean that.
I- A lot of. And I have passport.
A- Yeah, you have a passport and you have a lot of problems. How about us? It is a big problem.

I- Yeah because for the government most of your people doesn't exist. Because they don't have papers.
A- Yeah.
I- I know there are 3.600.000 registered Syrian people here but they don't know how many don't registered people are here. And there are a lot of people without papers.
A- Because they don’t want to have anything about us.
I- Can you go to a hospital?
A- No, no, no, no. If I am sick…
I- Stay at home.
A- Yeah, yeah, yeah, stay at home. This is my life here. And I want to change my life.
I- Can you have a bank account?
A- I have one but it is from my work. Not from government. It is from my work because I work hard every time I just work, work, work, I have one (…) (Shows a card).
A- But I don’t have money (laughs).
I- But you can open an account?
A- Yes. Yes. Because I have one of this (…) (Shows the temporal protection paper)
I- Yes, under the protection of Turkish government, no? More or less.
A- This is not anything here. If I want to go to Istanbul I can’t.
I- Yes I know, you cannot go to the border of the city.
A- If I want to go to to Kilis, I can´t. If I want to go to to (…) If I have work in Istanbul, another work, I can´t because we are in a small prison. You know?
I- This is only a paper to (…)
M- Just a paper.

I- Just a paper for someone in the government say okay (…)

A- Yeah, yeah. If you want to say something, say it (to B)
M- Okey.
I- This (interview) is not for anything, not for the government. Just (…)
M- Just for you?
I- Yes, because I said to him ( Abdulsalam) to write his story in mi language for the people knows what happen here. Is not for any org or earn money, just because I want to know more. Over there we know there is a war and then (…) just silent, then, oh immigrants, and silent again (…) but anybody explain why these people want to come because anybody wants to leave his country if there is not anything wrong inside. It has no sense. Why a Syrian youth in university has to flee his land, studies, friends, parents to go to another country without knowing anything. Is not for funny. It is because something happened.
M- That is correct.
I- But they don´t want to know why.
A- Yes, we were caught by the war. Me and my friend Mohammed(…) The army wanted us.
I- To join them or (…)
A- Yes, to join them at the war and kill us.
I- They wanted to catch you and kill you? Not to join the army? Join the army and then die?
A- Yes, because that we come here. They catch you and then go to war. We are a simple person. I leave my family, studies and friends and everything. I leave all there and I come here alone.
I- How was the trip to come here (Gaziantep)? I know more or less how the Syrian people come here but how was your case?
A- It was so a hard route.
M- 3000 dollars. For come here.
A- Yes, we paid 3000 dollars to come here and we want a good life but bad luck. (M laughs)
I- But you come here by bus?
A- The are many routes. People in the past had so many routes. River (…) in the mountains. If you pay more you have better trip. If you paid less you had a bad way. We paid 3000 dollar and we were (speaking Arabic)
M- What is the name (…) between countries.
I- The border?
A- Yes the border, we were there two months.
I- In the border? But in the Syrian side?
M- Yes but in the border.
A- Two months, we paid 3000 dollars for two months in the border and then we come here.
I- And the government of Turkey knows this situation.
A- Yes, yes. Everyone knows that. Money. If you want to pay more money you could go anywhere. But here, in Turkey it is not a good life. We paid 3000 dollars to reach a good life but we didn´t find it here. We are here in fire.
 I- But It was the near pint to cross, to avoid the war. It is normal to come here.
A- Simple things, If I want to go to Istanbul I can´t, or to Kilis I can´t. Because I am Syrian,
I- You crossed, you went to Kilis first, an then come to Gaziantep. Or, did you just come here directly?
A- We came to Kilis and the to Antep.
I- Yes, I went to Kilis and tried to see the refugees camp but they said no. First they stop me (the army) in the road and they ask me why you coming here and I are said I am a photographer. Okay but I can´t go to the refugee camp nut I stayed there with the Syrian people.
A- I hope that one person in your country listen to my story.
I- I promised you I will write it, made the project and tried that someone read it.
M- Listen us!
A- Listen me!
I- Yes, it is my hope. At least, If I can help you. I have the opportunity. I want to know this. Maybe no or yes. But if I can help you a little is enough.
M- Thank you.
I- I have the resources to did it and why don´t use it. We are friend, you let me be in the restaurant, teach me Arabic, give me food (…) for me it is a big gift. So this is the way to (…)
A- For us it is so normal,
I- Also when I said my girlfriend is going to come here you were so happy. And at least I want to tell your story and know a little more. Come back to my country and being different.
A- It is different If I want to see my mother I can´t I don´t know when. For one month, one year, ten years 15 years.
I- Yes, but if you go to Europe it will be difficult to see your mother.
A- Yes, if I go to Europe I will have papers, a good passport for to see my family. Easier than here. Here is so hard. Every time I talked with my mother. Mother when I will see you. She said I don´t know. For one month, every time she is afraid. If she died I can’t go. Every time she is talking about this. My son if I died how I can see you. My mother (...) I can’t do anything. This is my situation here. This is my story.
I- Telling your story it is a big gift. Just hearing. I appreciated a lot. Thank you both of you for invite me here.
A- When I left Syria and I come here, I have a photo of 20/30 of my friends I leave there. I will show you in my phone, about 25-30 of them for me and the come to me to say bye-bye Abdulsalam. We can´t see you another time and then cried. Because this is my life, this is everything, my records, my mind, everything. Now, when I remember Syria I remember the routes, the mosque, Ramadan, It was so popular.
I- When you finish it is a good celebration to be with your family.
A- Yes. For three days. I remember my father when we finish Ramadan in the next day we are woke up and we had new clothes like Christmas. He had a good father. He said (Arabic expression to say Ramadan kareem) like happy New Year. Like this.
I- How is the pronunciation? (Fast Arabic lesson)
A- Every year I wish you to be okay in English. I went to my father and kissed his hand like this and he paid me money. He give me the money and we went together to the house of our grandpa and grandma to the family house to cooking the food. Talking with my girlfriend, to my friends because the Eid Al-Fitr. We are together, my uncles, cousins and we are a big family, around 25 persons eating together. Like Christmas. Talking about everything, gaming. It was a good time. Now it is all finished. My uncle in Alemannia, other uncle in Egypt, other uncle it is death. My grandparents are died. When I am here I cried a lot because they were (…) I am sorry (…).
I- We can stop if you need it.
A- No, no because I love them. And I can´t saw them. If my mother or father happen something. What can I do? Anything.  I can´t do anything. Because I am in a small prison. Understand?
I- Yes.
A- And my girlfriend come to me in the Eid and I invite her to go to the theatre to cinema or a restaurant. We had a good time together because she was my love. But now everything is finished. I am so sad for this I want to restart my life in another country because my country is destroyed. It is finished. I want a good job, I wish a good girlfriend, she love me, and she feel me. I want simple things in life. I don’t want a car a house or a lot of money. No no no, I don’t want anything. I want a life, just life, quite one. In a quiet country, not here. You said how you live? This is not my life. I sleep here (A matter in the ground).
 I don´t sleep so much. Around 4-5 hours. Yes If I want to buy things in Turkey I will pay so much. Like the phone. About 300 dollars for a normal phone. It is hard. I work until 12 hours at night for 2500 and so hard. Not a simple work. Per month 200 dollar. My house I have to pay 100 dollars for the rent. Just home. Then electric service, water. 100 dollars for the home. And look, it is a simple house. It is so expensive. About 25 dollars for electricity, water an internet. 125 dollars for my home.
I- The half of your salary and you don’t eat anything.
A- Yes, I don’t eat anything, I don’t smoke anything just 125 because I hate this. In Europe, If I work 12 hours (…)
I- You will have a lot of money.
A- Yes, and the salary is better than here. My cousin is working in Europe, He is earning about 8 hours and his salary it is about 1200 euros. It is a big number for me. In Europe is normal. But here, for me, it is a dream. I have 200 euros in a month. I don’t want anything. I can work about 15 hours. I don’t have any problem. I can work 24 hours (laughs).
 After the war, the Turkish people come to us to have vegetables, meat, yogurt, or tea because it was so cheap, so so cheap. In Syria I I didn’t have to work. My father worked about 8 hours and that was enough. It was a good life for me and my family. I had a house with 7 rooms and a good area. Now it is different.
I- Syira is not the country that the news show. It was a nice country. With nice people to live and then all this things happened.
A- Yes, It is correct.
I- But they don’t explain that on the news.
A- I really wish if one person listen to me. If you want to help me to go to Europe. Ivan you are so good friend.
I- But you open the doors of your house to me.
A- It is normal. If I make new friends it is normal. You are like my brother now. I have 2 brothers and now I have 3.
I- You are my first brother (laughs). We are not so different as they want to make.
A- I don’t want to see the war. Who we are? To do something at the war. We are not bad.
I- Oh no, you are not bad. This is the problem. You must show that you are not a bad person.
A- We are so lovely, friendly, we love the person. If you are Christian or Armenian or any things in the war.
I- Yes. Probably you are one of the most open country in the Arabic world but (…)
A- If you read the history in the old times, Syria specially, every time we open the borders for the Armenians, the Turkish, for Iraqis (…) for everyone in the world. When we have a war in Syria every country close their borders. During the wars we open the doors for all. For libanenses. It was a good place, a safe place. We are like brothers. Any problem. Why you close your doors in my face, my friends face? Why? We don’t know why. Really we don’t’ know why. We are a good persons. What changes? I don’t know why. Every time I ask myself. What I am doing in my life to see this? I don’t do anything. Why? But is the changes of the war. This life. One for you and ever time for (…) (Understand that here is not possible to talk against the government)
A-The life is One for you and once for you. It will come to you again. If you leave a good life it will come to you again. You don’t know when. This is in my mind. In the past I lived a good life, but now I am not. But it will come again.Yes I will fight.
I- I hope.
A- Now I am really. When you talked to me three days before you text me by whatsup. You remember? I go to sleep if I go to Spain and we live together. How it will be my life? It will be a good life. Come on Salah, go to sleep.
I- It is different. I don’t know why Turkey treat you like this. It has not sense.
A- I am a young guy, the government here if it was smart it will come to me. Hey what is your name? It is Abdulsalam. In what you work? I am not working now. How old are you? I am 25. Oh it is so good for the government, come with us to complete you education to complete your studies and give us in the future a good idea working in our country. But here there are not smart.
I- Avoiding your generation, what about the kids? They are not guilty from anything, just kids and you are not letting them go to school. Why? It has no sense.
A- Just children. They don’t know anything from the war. They don’t know what happened. They just want a life. Go to school, have friends.
I- And eat, and play and sleep.
A- Yes, kids. Why Turkey? They don’t’ do anything with sense. Do you know why? Because the Turkish people like the war. They are made by blood. They search for this long time ago. If you ask a person in Turkish. Why the flag is red?
I- The blood of the deaths pf the last battle of the independence war.
A- They said the flag is red because the blood of the war. This is my blood. Why? Now, blood it is good? No it is not. In my opinion it is nothing good. (Whistle) It is not a good thing. If you said that your flag is from your blood it is not a good thing. For the war. If I listen this I am afraid of that person. It is blooding. I asked this question to many Turkish people because I speak Turkish. They said to me: Oh because it is my blood. It is not good.
Here if you want to talk about Erdogan it is okay but if you say one word against Ataturk they will kill you.  Who was Ataturk?
I- I have an idea haha.

A- Once a time here. When I came to Turkey I went to learning Turkish. In the class I close the door of my home and went to the lesson. During the way the people was holding the ground each meter by each meter and the street was empty. In the sky I listened (the sound of the sirens). I didn’t have papers, I didn’t have anything. Then the police came to me to catch me. What I will do? I will run. Run, run, and run. The people looked to me. Why are you running? It is not good. When I was at class I asked my teacher:
-Teacher, Why the people are doing this, why are sounds of sirens in the sky?
- He answer me: No, no, no. Don’t care.
-I said: How I don’t care about it. Every person in the way is talking to me.
-He answer: No, no. Today it is Ataturk day. The day he died it was 25th of December.
-I said: All this thing for Ataturk?
-The teacher said: We stopped one moment for the soul of Ataturk.
A- Whistle again. Like magic, like films, for one moment. Here in Turkey all it is so different.
I- They are so nationalist. But they are proud of this. A men told me that the Turkish people, doesn’t want to remember their grandfathers memories because if they discover what they were probably most of them were assassins. Of Armenian people, Kurdish people and he said that this city doesn’t want to remember because of that. But now, they are doing the same with the Syrian. The Armenian and the Kurdish come here and they said no we don’t want. Now this Syrian district, before it was the Armenian district.
A- Now if you said to a Turkish person that you are Armenian he will kill you. They can’t say they are Armenians. My Turkish teacher one time I said the Armenians people (…) and he did shhhh they will kill you. I can’t listen Armenian, I can’t speak about Armenians.
Why? They are so closed people.
I- You have to go to sleep. It is so late men.
A- And you? There is the quarantine restriction now?
I- It is not the first time. Just fisisisisisis Not Turkish just English!

-Turkey safeguards papers-

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