Many in China Wear Them, but Do Masks Block Coronavirus? - New York Times 25/01/2020.

Masks cover the sculpture of “Place Du Grand” in Brussels at late January.

When will I see you again? Coronavirus keeps couples apart.-Reuters 24/03/2020.

Beatrice, a young woman from Spain making a call in Brussels before flight away during March.

'Courageous' decisions required to stop businesses collapsing-The Jerusalem Post 09/03/2020.

A young Belgian woman travels on the train to Zaventem airport, Brussels during the last week of February.

Foreign Ministry calls by SMS to 35,000 travelers in six countries to return "urgently"- El Mundo 21/03/2020.

A group of people go down the escalators at “Gare de Brugge” station during the last days of March.

IMF predicts historic global recession, with growth expected to fall by 3% in 2020.
-Le Monde 14/04/2020.

A bike shop remains open twenty-four hours during the March/April lockdown in Valencia. The image of the bicycle shop belongs to the Quatre Carrers district in Valencia and the town that is reflected on the facade belongs to the outskirts of Ghent.

Food and grocery workers are essential. They should have ‘essential’ pay and protection too-Los Angeles Times 01/05/2020.

A foggy day on the course of a trip to Bruges with a photograph of a billboard in Spain in May.

Spain COVID-19 surge sparks fears of a second wave.-Al Jazzera 29/07/2020.

The main sculpture in the “Plaza del Ayuntamiento” of Valencia was covered with a mask in early March. In the inverted advertising poster it reads “Come celebrate Las Fallas”. A poster that lasted until June.

Europe continues its disarray while Latin America exceeds 2 million cases- El Comercio 21/06/2020.

A woman walks her dog down “Avenida Del Oeste” in Valencia without mask in the middle of the sanitary crisis during the month of June.

Health Minister Olivier Véran lifted the ban on family visits from Monday. But they will be very supervised.-Le Monde 20/04/2020.

Elvira, an old Valencian woman, tends her clothes during confinement in Spain (April). In the background the outskirts of Brussels remain calm(January).

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, Marcela Losardo expressed herself, and denied: "There is no massrelease of prisoners."-La Nación 01/05/2020.

A neighbour, from a block of flats in Valencia, sat every day of May on the other side of the window to read.

Is work from home feasible in the long run?-The Hindu 12/06/2020.

A woman from a building outside Valencia touched some wires from her satellite dish in mid-June. The image shows to the left of the view, the trees of the “Warandepark” of Brussels.

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